Posted on January 8, 2011 by aphie3

Waiting for something..

I don’t know what I waiting for..

I am here, still waiting alone..

My ayes is close, I breath down and feels something when I don’t know what..

Since I feel, I not care about it..

But, now.. it’s make me weakness, make me remember about death..

I don’t know what happen with me..

It’s make me anxiety, make me spooky, make me felt down..

But, be positive thinking..

I think it’s one way for me to closed with my God..

I hope too much, and I broke to..

I think no one know me so well..

I’m so difficult to guess, because my condition is not stabile.. up – down, moody

I feel it’s not good for me, I’m not confidence for this situation..

I need support for my best friends, but I can’t get..

I really hope too much, and I disappoint to..

Sorry you don’t understand about me..

But, thank you very much for your sacrifice

Now, no one I trusted.

Allah is enough for me..

May you are know a few my problems, but it’s just a little to know..

I don’t care public opinion about me, and whatever you..

I really selfish and don’t care..

I just scary if Allah far away from me.

07 Januari 2011

Musholla lt.1 Politeknik Telkom


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